Dousing sock

For symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnakers

Dousing sock advantages:

 Extremely easy to hoist or douse

 Extends your spinnaker life span

 Makes it simpler to handle and store

 Minimum maintenance

 Enhances your cruising experience



Our spinnaker socks are featured with:


One continuous line
Need not worry about which is hoisting line and which is dousing line. Just pull the only line to hoist or douse the spinnaker. It can be done with even single hand.


Webbing loops

Smoothen your cruising time by guiding the line in the sock to prevent line jamming while hoisting or dousing the spinnaker.


Blue and white nylon construction

The sock is made of blue and white nylon. With this construction, you will see immediately if the spinnaker has twisted.

If you buy a spinnaker together with a sock, the spinnaker will be installed in the sock for you, so it is ready to use once you receive the sail.


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